Heart and Soul show and podcast, two souls

Heart and Soul

And how it all began.

Janet and I connected on Facebook many years ago. I have no idea who through we became friends. I remember I was going to hold a workshop about Angels in Zurich, and Janet left a comment on my post, that she would love to attend, but was in the hospital at the moment. So we missed seeing each other in real life that time, we of course met many times since. Janet held a wonderful Mind, Body and Soul workshop in Zurich a couple of years ago, and also an online summit afterwards, plus I was on one of her amazing podcasts.

We connected and felt like kindred souls.

When we had a chat we were just brainstorming ideas, and we felt like we wanted to do some lives together. We love to inspire others, and we felt together we could do something to uplift the world.

We knew we could easily record our Zoom chats, and also use the audio for our podcast, hence our idea for a weekly show was born.

Now we only had to find a name for it.


Why Heart and Soul

We were chatting back and forth and all of a sudden, Janet mentioned Heart and Soul, and yes that was it.

I absolutely loved it, and she said, that I am a heart healer and such a heart led person. She also said that she loves to connect to the soul, and we know we connect heart and soul.

We aired our first episode on April 25th.

And the rest is, as they say, history.

Our show was born, weekly recordings on various life topics, of course open to spiritual and energetic themes. The videos go on youtube and the audios go on podcasts, plus we stream life on Facebook.

Keep it simple is our moto, and we always have fun, and I am looking forward to our Tuesday chats.

What topic would interest you?


What our dreams are

We love for people to have one place to look for topics about spirituality, and everyday life topics that are close to the heart and soul. Our aim is to support people, share our stories, and help our audience to know they are not alone out there.

Of course, we love to increase our audience, so you sharing about Heart and Soul helps us to reach more people. Sometimes simply leaving a comment is also helping the algorithm, and us, to hear from you of course.

Janet and I love books, so it only feels natural for us to publish an e-book, especially as Janet is the expert on books. She is amazing.

An e-course is also in the making, we know we can reach many gorgeous hearts and souls and love to assist them on their journey connect to their heart and soul.


How we keep going

Like in life we keep going one step at a time, and for our Heart and Soul show we keep going one episode at a time.

Yes I sometimes have to stop myself, there are so many gorgeous topics and I want to do them all at a go, steady and one episode a week, adjusting to the topics as we go along.

We are totally at peace with the flow of it all, and we feel into the energies as we go along, and of course love to hear from our listeners/viewers, and what they love to hear more about.


Heart & Soul

Learn more about Heart and Soul in our first episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing, how we got together and how it all started, and why we call our show Heart and Soul.


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Warmest of hugs

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