Time to heal your heart, as going through life wth a closed off heart is just too strenuous.

It is understandable, that we close off our hearts so we won’t feel the pain, however closing our hearts off not only closes down the pain but also happiness and joy.

I have learnt to heal my heart, and I will be sharing many of my goodies with you. Would you love to heal your heart also?

Yes we will do little exercises, I will hold a safe space, and you can just breathe, relax and heal.

Afterwards we dive into a deeply healing meditation, where you can heal some more.

Mother Mary will guide us, as well as Rose Essences and Rose Quartz.

Are you ready to get back into the flow, feel the love, joy and happiness again?

You will release your pain and hurt and grief

You will feel lighter, freer and more in the flow

You will feel refreshed and energised with fresh energy.


Join me for my Online Webinar

Tuesday January 15th

3pm CET, 2pm UK, 9am EST, 10pm Hong Kong and Perth

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Looking very much forward to being with you life (or on replay).

So happy to share this with you.

Warm hugs


Signature Caroline Palmy


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