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I Love Skiing

I just enjoyed a wonderful week of skiing with my three kids. It’s amazing how much closer you can get while you are away from home and free from daily household/school burdens. The four of us skied daily, and we just enjoyed each other’s company and shared quality time together. This time around, it seemed extra special and we seemed to be more as equals, not only on the slopes.

I love skiing – always did, even as a young girl and I really enjoyed sharing that passion with my three kids for the first time in a long while.


My passion for skiing

When I was a child, I visited my paternal grandmother during Sports Break every year (a school week dedicated to outdoor activities and sports). She lived in the mountain area. When I was younger, she took me ice-skating and I had fun. As I got older, though, I saw other people skiing, and so longed to learn how. Gliding on those skis looked like flying and so much fun.

My begging must have worked. The following year, we went to the ski shop rented some skis and I started skiing classes. Oh my, it was so much fun! I loved it and took to it like a like a fish in the water.

Each year I grew stronger and better at skiing, till the time when I was free to ski by myself. I woke up early, eager to go on the slopes. I took the first lift up and skied all day until the last lift for the day went up – and I went up again for one last run down. I never tired, and I so enjoyed it.


My Teenage and Young Adult Years

As a teenager, I skied with my friends and we had a lot of fun. Later, when I met my husband, I was saddened that he did not share my passion for skiing, so we never went.

When we had children and Mathew was about 4 years old, I took him to learn to ski, and he did well. So we were back to spending a week in the mountains every year.

A lot had changed during my absence. Carving skis came out, and I was eager to try them. I hired a ski instructor to show me how this style worked. The instructor explained it all from the brain: what I had to do, how to bend my knees lift my body, and-and, and, and…. It seemed too complicated and I didn’t learn how to do it.

Then, I had different, younger ski instructor who said, “Just follow me, and get into the feel for it.” At first, I felt awkward, wondering how I would manage as I had no idea how to ski this way. Then I followed him, and wow – sheer bliss. Carving was what I always craved. I so loved it! I was so thrilled – over the moon! I loved the feel of carving: The speed, the control and the letting go were all part of my blissful state.

Yes, I am a heart-led person, and, while I honor my analytical side, I can look back and see how I learn best by letting go and getting a feel for something, instead of hearing a lecture about it.


Skiing with Kids

I’ve enjoyed seeing how my three kids took to skiing, and I watched them when they were on the slopes with the ski school. I am very proud of them. Sometimes I followed them and we shared so many fun stories.

I was back into the swing of things and I LOVED it. I had only given it up because the man of my choice did not like it.

Yes, I did give away my passions during my marriage.

skiing with kids


When my ex and I separated in January 2009, and he came to spend a weekend with the kids in our house, I knew I needed to get out. I had no idea where to go.

I knew I needed to spend a good weekend by myself and have some fun. So I booked myself a ski weekend, and yes I had so much fun, and it did me so much good. I reconnected with my inner self. I knew I could handle things by myself and I could just be Caroline for a little while.

Oh yes, it was hard being separated from my children and it was hard to be on my own; however, it was so good to draw from my inner strength and just be me.

Skiing was my savior back then. It was my first anchor to re-discovering myself, after years of giving up myself and being a people-pleaser.

Remember to make time to do something you love to do every now and then.



Ski Days

During my separation and the ongoing divorce, there was not enough money for us to spend a week in the mountains. I still wanted the kids to ski, and to keep practicing, myself. One year, I was able to send them on a bus each day to ski school, and later, as they grew to be avid skiers, the four of us took day trips to ski.

I loved being on the slopes with my kids. It was a fun way to spend time together and bond. Back then, Horatio was still little and slower than me, but the older ones were already strong skiers and they were faster than me.

About two years ago, Horatio started to be faster than me, too. So the kids had to wait for me after I waited for them for years.

I love the fact that we are a ski family and we all love doing it. As children get older, they all have their own interests and friends. Going skiing together brings us back together as a family. I get to feel the bond we share and I love just watching them ski, play, and have fun.


This year we spent a week in the mountains

It was so good. I am so very, very proud of my three children – not only about their ability to ski but also how they interact together.

Yes, they sprayed each other with snow, and yes, they had snowball fights. This year, though, it was more like a loving teasing, and less a mean fight. They all had fun, and sometimes I let them have a run by themselves as I waited for them to come back up again, giving my legs a well-deserved rest.

Allow yourself to indulge every now and then.


Dinners Together

I loved our dinner conversations. They talked about cells (yes Science was a top topic at our dinner conversations). I was so impressed because my 6th Grader, 10th Grader, and first-year university student could converse together on the same topic. I am mighty proud of all of them.

Of course, they also talked about skiing, music, TV shows, and Art History, which is Catherine’s favorite topic.

We enjoyed evenings full of fun, laughter and love, and I glowed, being the mother of those wonderful children.

Yes, we grew so close. Yes, we are a wonderful family. And yes, a family does not always need a father. I am proud of how far we all came and am looking forward to sharing so many more precious moments with my three children.

Skiing is fun, and our ski vacation strengthened our bond together even more.

I love to be outside in nature, up in the mountains, enjoying fresh air, exercise, my family, and yes, the freedom of it all.

I felt like flying.

Is there an activity, like skiing, that you enjoy doing by yourself and with your family? Please feel free to comment about it below!

Enjoy a wonderful week.

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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