Why embracing all the gifts is so important

Embrace all your gifts fully

I’ve always entered into a new year by dashing out of the old one, hoping to leave everything behind.

How innocent I was. Nowadays, I know why embracing all the gifts and lessons in life is so important, even if the experiences don’t seem so positive.

The things we push away have a tendency to come up again and again, stronger each time, till we finally embrace them.

Are you ready to embrace all the gifts fully?



If we see everything we go through as experiences on our path, we have already made a big step towards healing.

Oh yes, I know I had a hard time seeing things in a positive way in the past. How could my separation, my divorce, the death of my father be anything other than hardship?

Everything in life has many sides, and many angles to view it from. Often, we only see things from our own perspective and with our own perception; even outsiders have a better overall view of our lives than we do.

It took me a while, but now I can see my divorce as a gift. The experience started my inner growth – my spiritual journey – and was the catalyst to finally start looking for love within, where it has always been. It also helped me to release my tendency toward people-pleasing.

The passing of my father, however tragic this was, helped me to connect with the spirit world, helped me believe that souls are eternal, and to understand that we are all here on an earthly journey, in between being solid and being light.

Are you ready to put a new perspective on everything you experienced ?


Meant to be

Have you ever gone through something challenging and then, years later, realised that what happened was meant to be? You look back and understand that, without a particular incident, all the other things that happened afterward would not have fallen into place.

This happened a lot to me. I take great peace from knowing that whatever happens is meant to be, and I better understand that later on the meaning associated with things I experience might become clearer.

Are you ready to embrace it all?


Of course we know better now

I often felt guilty about things that I did. Many times I told myself I should have been more relaxed or understanding with my kids.

Looking back, I saw things more clearly. I knew how to deal with things – even when I thought I didn’t. I knew when I should have stood up. With hindsight, I was able to understand my actions better.

I am sure you have those kinds of experiences too.

It is important to release guilt and should-haves in order to move forward free and at peace.

Of course, we know better now, as we already know so much more because we made it through different situations and have learnt from them.

Are you ready to let go and find peace in it all?



I’ve been there too

I have been there too, many times. I was eager to dash out of the old year and jump into a new one, hoping everything would be so much better.

Yeah, right.

I only learnt that I was ending up in similar situations and the pain I had was not healing. When that pain caught up with me again in the new year, it was even stronger than it had been before.

When we try to move on without dealing and making peace, there is no way we can escape it all.

Like with blinders, I dashed through the end of the year hoping I could just slip through and feel better on the other side.

Nowadays, I know I need to embrace the lessons I am learning. Forgiving, letting go and healing are the paths to inner peace and they are the way to end an old year in order to start the new year with a clean slate.

Have you been there too? Are you ready to release now?


Time to heal and forgive

Now is always a good time to heal and forgive. Every day is the perfect day to forgive yourself and work toward healing; however, contemplating the year’s end, it is beneficial to heal and forgive so we can start the New Year on a peaceful and clear page.

New things await us if we can release what wasn’t serving us or what held a (b)lesson for us.

Beautiful new beginnings are in store for us when we can let go of the old.

Are you ready to heal and forgive and start a new cycle deeply cleansed?


I have just the gift for you

If you answered yes to any of the italicized questions above and are ready to embrace the gifts fully so that you can have a fresh clean start, then I have just the gift for you.

I have created a beautiful deeply healing guided meditation.

All you have to do is relax, sit back and listen to the 22-minute meditation while breathing and allowing yourself to heal.

Are you ready?

All I need is your email address so I can send you this gift from my heart.


Receive the Deeply Healing Embrace All Your Gift Meditation now:

Embrace all your gifts


Be on your way to ending the past on a high note. Open your arms to embrace all that is waiting for you in now.


I love to inspire.


Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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