It is so easy to embrace our good sides, the sides we are proud of, the sides we show to the world.

What about the sides we shy away from, the sides we hide, the sides we feel ashamed of or not good enough about.

I always felt I was too sensitive, and I heard all around, that I need to toughen up.

It took me years to learn to embrace this side of me, the one I felt was not good enough, the one I felt I needed to change. It was during a healing session, that I realised, wow being sensitive is actually an asset. I can feel my clients more clearly, because I am so sensitive.

So being sensitive is now my greatest gift.

Are you ready to embrace all of you, and maybe find some treasures hidden deep within?

What are you shying away from, what are you trying to hide and what are you trying to change?

I invite you to my Online Healing Webinar

Tuesday March 12th

3pm CET, 2pm UK, 10am New York, 10pm Perth and Hong Kong

Replay available (please sing up to receive it)

We will go through several healing tools, I share with you what helped me and invite you to try it out.

Afterwards we will dive into a deeply healing meditation together.

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Looking very much forward to being with you

Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy



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