set yourself free by accepting what is


What can help with acceptance

So often we fight against things that are, things we cannot change. When we can finally accept them, it feels like a burden is off our shoulders.

We feel free and happier.

What are you fighting against? I invite you to take a step back and look at if with fresh eyes. Can you change it? If not, stop fighting, learn to accept what is and move forward.

We block our own future by holding on what is in the past. Trying to hold on to things, that have changed.

Free yourself, leave and lead a happier life from now on forward.

Accept what is and set yourself free.


Accepting People

Often I hear from my clients, if only that person would change, or be different.

If my partner could only be this way or behave differently, he would be the ideal partner.

My answer is always, we cannot change anyone else, we can only change ourselves.

We have to accept the people around us, or move away from them.

It helps clearing the energy regularly, so you can come back to love, especially with teenagers (I speak from my own experience here), where accepting can be a bit more of a challenge, as it is always combined with letting go.

The only person we can ever change is ourselves, so start within.

If you love to clear your energy with a loved one, a family member or a co-worker, then my Clear Your Relationship Webinar is very helpful for you, you can download it here:


There is also an Accept Yourself Webinar you can download here:

Accept All of You Webinar

Accepting yourself

Most of my clients have a hard time accepting themselves. Accepting ourselves for who we are. Accepting ourselves FULLY is key.

We can easily accept the parts in us we feel good about, we are proud of, but what about the parts we don’t like so much? They are part of us too.

What helped me is the following affirmation:

‘I accept myself fully (insert your name)’

Speaking it out loudly several times a day feels like truly coming home.

I have been waiting a lifetime to be accepted by myself, what about you?

This beautiful affirmation is part of my 7 Day nurturing Self Love experience.

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Heart & Soul

Learn more about acceptance in our latest episode of Heart and Soul. Janet Groom and I are sharing what helped us to accept what is.


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