I invite you to my online healing gathering ‘7 ways to connect with the love within’.


Hi My name is Caroline and I am a Heart Flow Healer, who helps you to open the doors to your heart so you can get back into the flow of love.

Self Love is essential. We might fear loving ourselves is deemed selfish.

‘If love and compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.’ (adapted from a quote by Buddha)

Always love yourself and be kind to yourself too.

How easy it is for most of us to love others, to feel compassion for others and care for others, and then we can be so harsh on ourselves.

We all crave love. Love is our true essence.

Sometimes we try to find it in all places (relationships, family, kids, job, house, car….) only to realise it is not truly fulfilling, that there is still a part missing.


Lack of Self Love is one of the biggest issues many women face. It hinders us to love from an open heart.

You can only give, what you have. If you do not truly love yourself, you can not love someone else truly either.

Would you love to learn how you can open up to loving yourself more and more each day. So you feel more worthy too.


In my experience a lack of Self Love is….

very common

easily restored

and an essential part of our being


Join me for this 60 min Online Gathering where you can

connect to the love within

feel your heart opening

and find a deep compassionate connection to yourself



I’d love to share some simple ideas that will help you to connect with your love within, so you can feel more connected to yourself and more loved straight away.

We will also dive into a deeply healing meditation together, to strengthen the connection to the love within.


Join me

Thursday September 21

2pm CEST, 1pm London, 8am New York, 10pm Sydney

Replay is available

Register for free now:



Looking very much forward to being with you

Warm hugs


PS: love to assist you on your healing journey, Self Love is an important part.

What type are you?

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