why we withhold loving support

It Is Very Much Ok To Ask For Support

Wow, what a release! I feel so much better. The light is shining at the end of the tunnel, and I am eager to step into it. Now that I have finally allowed myself to ask for the support I obviously needed.

We, Light Leaders, know that we have all the answers within, so asking someone else for support, even when we are struggling, just feels alien.

I feared that I would not follow my own inner knowing if I were to ask for support, or if I indulged in a coaching session.

I was afraid that I would only hear the other person’s perspective if I asked for help or guidance.

Does this sound familiar?

What is holding you back from asking for support?

Do you feel like:

  • You’d be bothering your friends
  • Your problem is too small
  • That you’re unworthy of the investment in professional support
  • Like you might be afraid of the answers

when you think of asking for support?


My little story, and what I learnt from it

May was a month filled with upheavals for me. So much was falling apart, yet I knew it was ok, and that I’d be able to rebuild from it.

However, as the month progressed and I still felt like everything was completely falling apart, like I didn’t know where I was headed… I got a bit frustrated.

I knew I had all the answers inside of me. I did not want to ask others for fear they’d lead me down a wrong path.

I felt like I needed to figure it all out by myself. Yes, I did not want to invest again, and I felt a bit lonely.

However, the minute I started voicing my lost state, people came up to me and told me they were there for me.

It felt good, first of all, admitting to myself that I felt a bit lost. It also felt good to write it all down in my support groups, as well as telling friends how I felt. It took me a while to be able to really get a sense of what it was all about.

I was in a growing phase, in an expansive mode. I knew calling myself an Angel Channel didn’t do me any justice anymore. However, I felt lost giving up what I had to enter the new role I was taking on.

By now I learnt that I do not have to give up my connection to the Angels, it just found a new form and a new depth. It had expanded. However, while I was down, I questioned everything – especially myself. I did not know what to call myself anymore, what I was offering, what I should call my business. I questioned everything.

When I felt like my friends and support group were hugging me, I felt carried and better. I knew I was not alone out there.

Only when another friend suggested she could help me with my strategy, I knew. YES! That was what I needed right then. I had thousand and one ideas in my head; however, I had no inkling on how to start working on them.

I have great ideas for new things to share, and also I love to create e-Courses to help you all year round.

Like with anything you do the first time, you are happy for assistance. It’s like giving birth: You are happy to have a doula or a friend there to support you through it because everything is so new.

Once I decided to take some strategy sessions, I felt so much better. Finally, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, it felt more like the tunnel was falling away right there, when I made the decision to work through it, instead of trying to figure it out all by myself. A heavy burden seemed to fall off of me, and I could finally breathe again. A door opened, and a helping hand was reaching out to me.

It was perfect timing.

I also felt I needed that going within phase, that releasing of old, while not really knowing the new. I feel stronger now, a bit like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is ok to dwell sometimes. We all need this too.

While I booked the sessions, I had other great people tell me they are always here for me. I only need to ask.

Sometimes we need someone’s help and assistance to see clearly and to get to the answers within ourselves, as sometimes we feel blind.

Just because I offer readings and insights to my clients, does not mean that I have to do it on my own for myself, though I clearly know what to do ;-)

If you like to feel clarity and get the answers from within or guidance from above, feel free to contact me for a session.

you are not alone

You are not alone

First of all, we all need support every now and then; you are definitely not alone out there.

I can assure you even the best and brightest and most famous people ask for support, the only difference is, that they might do it even sooner, as they know from experience that it is worthwhile to ask for support.

There are so many people going through the same experience at this moment, why not share with them?


Do you feel lonely?


Support is waiting for you

Support can come in many forms.

Often all we need is

  • An open ear
  • A hug
  • Understanding
  • Knowing we are not alone out there


Remember, there are many people out there who are ready to help you and assist you on your path.

Be open, share from your heart, and be ready to receive their help and love.


Who could you call for help now?


It is very much ok to ask for support

I always felt I had to do it on my own. I always had to be the strong one, the older sister, Mama’s good child, and Daddy’s pride.

I am raising three kids on my own. Yes, I can do it, and I love to be independent and strong (though I do not see me that way).

Asking for support meant weakness to me before, like I had to capitulate, like I had to give up my independence. Yes, my shyness of bothering others played a part, too. I always felt good giving and had a hard time receiving till I learnt it is OK to ask for support. I can still decide on my own path.

I do not give my decisions to others. Actually, I am strong by asking for help.


What area would you love some support in?


You are so worth it

Remember, you are so worth it. We can’t always do it all on our own. We are family, Sisters, and friends that are walking each other home. (adapted from a quote by Ram Dass)

We are all equal, and we are all happy to assist each other, so why should you be any less worthy of it?

Remember how you step up and help others, and how good it feels to you to assist your friends or comfort them.

Would you really want to withhold that feeling from your friends? Your friends would equally love to assist you and feel good about it too, like you do when you help them.


Do you feel worthy of receiving?


You can still do it your own way

Asking for support is fabulous. Friends are happy to help you. Sometimes, however, they mean well, but might not really know all the answers either.

Talking to others will just broaden your horizons. It will show you that you have endless possibilities where you might not have seen any to begin with.

It is OK to receive guidance or suggestions. However, it is up to you to implement or follow up on them.

Listen within, trust your own guidance, and follow up with what feels right for you.


Do you trust your guiding system?


Support is like shining a light into the darkness

When I finally realised, yes, I needed support, it was like a light switch was turned on and I could see the light, even before my first coaching session.

It felt so good, and I felt excited. I knew I was now able to work through the muddle, instead of sinking into it.


Where could you use some light?


What kind of support

There are so many areas of support out there.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Support Groups
  • Coaches
  • Guidance through Readings
  • Healing & Clarity Sessions


All you ever need to do is just tell people how you feel.


Are you ready to ask for support?


If you ever need support, I am happy to assist you with a reading, or a healing session. We can clear blockages so you will feel more in the flow again.

I specialise in:

  • Past Relationship healing
  • Self Love (issues with speaking up for yourself, setting healthy boundaries, assertiveness, and self-esteem)
  • Empaths and Introverts to find their way in the sometimes harsh energies and an extroverted world
  • Grief (healing old pain and wounds)
  • Influences from Past Lives

Happy to chat with you, book your 30 minutes Heart to Heart Revealing session, where we chat and you learn what is blocking your heart right now:

Book your 30 minute chat with me

As others are happy to help me, I am very happy to help you.

Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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