What is Intuition and how can it help us

What is Intuition

And how can it help you


What is Intuition

Intuition is like a 6th sense, an inner knowing, an inner wisdom.

We can also say Intuition is guidance in any form. I personally do not make a difference between inner guidance and guidance from the Universe. Yes inner guidance is probably more well known as Intuition where guidance from the Universe can also be called Channeling.

Intuition is a hunch, a sensing of the right answer.

Examples might help:

While I was driving and listening to a quiz show on the motorway, the moderator asked a caller a question. What is the most used number? I immediately said 9, and yes the answer was 9.

This is one way of Intuition, when you just know the answer, when somehow deep within you just know.

Here in Switzerland we enjoy an Epiphany Cake (Dreikönigskuchen, see pic below), it is more like a sweet bread. There is one big center part and around it are several smaller parts. In one of those smaller parts is a king/queen figurine hidden.

Whoever gets the king/queen can be king/queen for a day.

It is a guessing game, or a game of chance, however it is also about Intuition.


intuition game guess where the queen figurine is hidden


My personal story on Intuition

As a child I always picked the right piece of cake from the Epiphany Cake. I intuitively knew which one contained the little figurine. My Mother told me this, as I can barely remember.

Another story: One time I was visiting my godmother, and she had a cake there for her three girls, I was allowed to pick one, and yes I had the figurine in my part again. My godmother took it and put it into another part, so her girls would have a chance at getting it too.

Later on, I learned from others, they looked for clues, eg, there might be a sultana underneath a piece to hide the hole being made by inserting the figurine. I observed how my Mother and sisters and other friends looked closely at the cake and rather scientifically chose what part they choose.

I learned to use my brain rather than my intuition, and yes I hardly ever had the figurine in my part anymore.

You see, Intuition is swift, and goes without thinking. It is the opposite of thinking. Intuition is just knowing without logic. When you try to rationalize it, when you try to figure things out, then you are not guided by your intuition.


How can intuition help us

Intuition can help us in so many situations, and so often we use our intuition without knowing. For example meeting someone, we often like or dislike this person, without knowing why.

Have you also reasoned yourself to like a person, even though your first impression let you do not trust or like this person?

How did it go? Did you in the end say, oh but I knew?

Intuition can help us make the right choices, not only with people.

We feel when something is fishy, it saves us from making bad choices. We get a sense when someone observes you, it helps us feeling safe.

Intuition can also help you to get out of a dangerous situation or area, as it tells you to be careful.


queen figurine hidden


When Intuition is guiding me in my healing sessions

Ever since my time with the epiphany cake and trying to reason in which part the figurine is, I came full circle back to trusting my intuition. Yes I have been overthinking or going down the wrong path in my personal life too, it is part of learning. Every time I said, but I knew…., I learned more about how my intuition is guiding me, and the more I trusted it.

I have studied Pranic Healing, a scientifically proven form of energy healing, from Prana the flow in Indian culture, like Chi in Chinese.

It was quite rigorous, it had healing protocols for all kind of diseases and illnesses. I treated many clients with Pranic Healing, though there was always more. I felt restricted by following those rigid protocols. I was guided, intuitively, to do more.

One day I felt I needed to shower my client in rose pedals. My client felt so refreshed and so loved afterwards and she had a new surge of energy.

Another day I felt guided to check my client’s kidney, and indeed they felt so hot, that I shared my insights with my clients, and fair enough she had a kidney infection (even the Drs didn’t pick up on), and that was the answer to her not feeling well.

Ever since I include my intuition in all my healing sessions.

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer. I trust my intuition and guidance, and I know I always serve each client with what they need each time.

This means my healing sessions are always unique, as it is perfect for that time and client.

I always work from head to toe, and clear the chakras, though what happens in between, is pure intuition on my part.

My clients are always amazed at how I know certain things. They all comment that wow this was just what they needed, as often they didn’t even realise that this hurt or that incident was still holding them back.

My Intuition together with my Empathy and ability to feel into my clients serve me very well.

Sometimes I still ask myself, could that be true, shall I share this? Then I do, and know it was worth trusting my intuition.

Learn more about my work:

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How can you listen to your Intuition

So now you might ask, this is all good and fair, how can I listen to my Intuition.

First of all Intuition is fast, it is the first thing popping into your mind, the first sense speaking. Well before reasoning starts.

Intuition is always positive and light, so expanding, opening.

It is gentle, loving and kind.

And yes, just remember occasions when you later said, but I knew….

How did your Intuition speak to you? How did you know?

Keep training it,

I used to play a game with my children, one of us was holding up fingers under the table, and we others tried to guess it.

And if you live in a country where you get an Epiphany Cake, go choose your piece by gut instinct.


Sending you so much love

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Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy


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