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Cleanse Any Kind Of Relationship

Romantic, Family, Friendship, and Business

We are all involved in several relationships at any given time. There are the daily relationships we have with family, friends, and business contacts, and we also have romantic relationships to maintain.


Some of our relationships might suddenly turn sour. There might be misunderstandings or things might not seem as relaxed as they once were.

Some people irritate us or trigger us, and we don’t know why.

And still, we have to deal with those who exasperate us on a near daily basis.

How would it feel if you could turn those irritations into understanding, triggers into appreciation?

How would you feel if you could just meet with those people who and be yourself, deeply rooted in peace and calm?

All of your relationships, whether you want to hang on to these special connections or not, can all do with some energetic clearing.


Clearing A Relationship

Our relationships need a good clearing every now and then to give them a good rinse, so they sparkle, fresh and clear again. It is almost like taking a shower.

We can clear our relationships on an energetic level and release all pain, hurt, misunderstandings, etc., so there is only love left.


Even relationships we’d like to keep and continue working on require a regular cleansing energetic shower.


Past relationships, too, can still profit from a deep clearing, which will help you to free yourself fully from any energetic ties or bonds, so you can move on in peace.


One Simple Tool

When I face a misunderstanding in a relationship or realize I would love to have more clarity I use one simple tool to clear my relationships. I clear family relationships regularly, so I can easily come back to the bond of love that connects us.

The relationship-clearing tool I use is such an easy tool to learn, and it does not take more than 5 minutes for your relationships to be cleansed and sparkly again.

You can use this same tool for all your relationships, no matter if they are romantic, friendship, family or business.


Cleanse Relationships

When To Apply

I apply this tool anytime I feel a bit of a strain in a relationship, anytime I feel there is a misunderstanding lingering, and anytime I feel the relationship could do with more clarity.

I use this tool especially when there is anger, pain, hurt, or envy involved, or when I feel I can’t make myself understood.

I use this method whenever it feels like things are out of sync and not coming from the heart anymore. Then I know that it is high time to clear it all out.

This Tool Has Saved My Life

When I was going through my separation and divorce, I used this tool daily. It was my go-to; it kept me sane and on track.

I was in a 20-year Empath-Narcissist relationship and had to learn to reconnect with myself while dealing with the issues of a breakup.

He was blaming me, we had issues with the kids, there were games going on, blackmail, and suppression. There was always something to deeply clean, heal, and release.

Yes, I cleansed the relationship with my ex on a daily basis, releasing pain and hurt, and I was able to speak to his higher self. By opening up my heart to be understood, I often got a sense of where he was coming from, a deeper understanding.

I love this tool. I loved to hand all of the sadness and pain over to the Universe so it could be resolved in the best interests of all involved, and from a higher soul aspect.


It’s A Joy To Share

I am so happy to share this tool with you. It has helped me so much. I apply with all my relationships. Trust me, with 3 teenagers in the house, I use it quite often ;-)


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