How spiritual are you?

Do you feel guilty when you enjoy something that is considered as less spiritual?

Being Spiritual has many aspects, and we often compare ourselves to great teachers. Do you still drink coffee? Oh, no, you can’t have a glass of wine! What, you are not a vegetarian? What about Gluten, are you still eating wheat? Don’t you know it can glue over your third eye? When will you finally eat raw vegan, and be a good spiritual person?

This and many more questions, might come up, when you open up to a more spiritual path. When you are finally out there, assisting other wonderful people in a spiritual way.

Remember we are all spiritual in our own way.

Oh yes, I am spiritual, and yes sometimes I have a caffeinated drink, and yes I still eat some chicken and also enjoy pasta from time to time. Do I feel like I am less spiritual than others?

Why compare? ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ – Theodore Roosevelt

It all comes down to how YOU feel about it. How your body reacts to certain food, and listening to your own signs from within.

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Let’s look at the above-mentioned habits:


You love coffee you feel fine, good, keep enjoying it.

Yes Coffee might make you jittery and interrupt your sleep patterns. And yes caffeine can open you up to fear energy.

I myself note, that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, when I had caffeine. I was always very sensitive towards caffeine, and could only tolerate one coffee a day, preferably very mild or even decaf. Having tea, green tea, black tea or other caffeinated drinks often irritate my sleeping habits. Yes I love the kick it gives me, otherwise I know I don’t have such a restful night.

When I woke up a couple of times during the night, and was very fearful, I remembered, what spiritual teachers say about coffee: ‘You open up to your fear energy’. I learnt from my own experiences, that this is true for me. So I refrain from caffeine, more often than not, however every now and then I still enjoy a Matcha tea.

Listen within; listen to your own body. How do you feel when you drank caffeine? Have you ever tried a period without? How did you feel then?

It is all about your own signs.

Are you any less spiritual when you drink coffee?


I know one of the best healers, and he drinks coffee. He is so aligned and so gifted.


Of course we all know, that indulging in alcohol is not healthy, especially not when overdoing.

Enjoying a glass of wine with your meal is wonderful.

Alcohol might open you up to fear energy again. I read that it might put holes in your Energy field (Aura).

I personally sleep much better WITHOUT alcohol, even though it soothes me down, and relaxes me, however I won’t sleep through the night. I wake up in a fret, and think over and over of my past, and what I could have done better.

Then again, when I went to bed, on the verge of falling asleep, I had some wonderful inspirations, and connections, after I had one glass of wine. I felt that I was in a more relaxed mode, and maybe my Ego was put to sleep, and I could fully connect. I was more open to receive and nothing held me back.

Again, I do not drink, I have had one glass of wine in all of 2016, and that is fine by me.

I learnt, that I more often needed a glass of wine, when I was in stress, or had too much going on, or had too much caffeine all day. That’s when I needed to calm down, soothe myself, and indulge in a glass of wine, a relaxant. During a normal day, all is fine, and I prefer a herbal tea at night. Especially as I feel just more tired and drained the morning after I had some alcohol.

Inquire inside your body, how it feels, when it had some alcohol, and compare to times without. How did you sleep? How do you feel? How is your next day? How are your energy levels?

Are you any less spiritual when you drink alcohol?

Of course it depends on the amount you have. However if you really enjoy a glass of something occasionally, I don’t’ see any harm in that. The word is on enjoy. Do you enjoy it, or do you need it? Or is it already just a habit?


It is wonderful if you are a vegetarian by compassion. That is awesome.

I still love my lean meats, chicken, turkey the very occasional beef, and of course fish.

I learnt that my body does not tolerate beef that much anymore, so I have it very rarely. However chicken or turkey is sill very much ok with me, as is fish. I do enjoy eating it.

How does your body feel when you have eaten meat? How is your stomach area, does it feel tense? Do you feel like you have a stone in your body? Have you ever tried a period without meat?

Are you any less spiritual, when you still eat meat?

I know some of the best energy workers, who still eat meat occasionally, and it does not affect their work.

It’s all about Energy

It is all in the energy. Imagine a man who has been told he needs to loose weight. So he orders a fresh green salad. Meanwhile the person at the next table receives a huge steak. So our man sees his salad, and looks over to the steak. He would so love to eat a steak and looks grudgingly at his salad. He eats his salad with distaste and tells himself, that he has to loose weight and how much he would prefer a juicy steak to this green food.

How much, do you feel, will this salad help him?

NOTHING, indeed. Eating this salad with so much hate and in his miserable mood is not doing anyone any good. This salad eaten in this unhealthy way, is doing more harm, than any steak eaten in joy could ever do.

So enjoy YOUR food. It is important. Eat in a quiet spot, concentrate on eating and enjoy and be at peace while eating. (Yes put away that sandwich now! No working and eating!)

Feel Within


Eating Gluten can glue over your third eye.

I have learnt from my body, that it is better to eat rice, lentils, Quinoa and other lovely carbs, rather than wheat. My stomach area is always tense after I ate pasta. I feel bloated.

However every now and then I just love my spaghettis, and I enjoy them with a homemade tomato sauce.

Also while I and my boys enjoy lentils and quinoa, my daughter absolutely will NOT eat it. That means, I often have to cook two separate dishes.

I love lentils and quinoa and all the others, and I really enjoy eating them. I feel good eating and it gives me the nourishment I need.

How do you feel after you have eaten a plate full of pasta? Do you feel full? Maybe bloated?

How do you feel when you ate a substitute, a good carb, so to speak?

Feel inside your body, and let the signs from your own body be your guide.

Are you any less spiritual, when you eat gluten?

I had one of my most amazing readings recently, after I had pasta. I so clearly saw something that did help my client tremendously. I was so in awe, that I immediately thanked my angels for this clear guidance. Yes I did see it with my third eye.

Feeling guilty?

Remember it is all in the energy. When you eat something, enjoy it. When you eat it while feeling guilty, that might not really help your body.

Also if you still enjoy your coffee, do it. Your body will send you clear signs, when it no longer enjoys it.

Please stop comparing yourself to others. Enjoy being your unique self, and be happy with who you are.

Green Smoothies

I love green smoothies. They are so simple to make and very yummy. However, I always felt cold, actually bone chilled, all day after I had a green smoothie. Even my acupuncture therapist told me, I need to eat and drink warm. Oh yes I tried to make them with warm water, to no avail. Even adding cinnamon did not help me.

I learnt during my Ayurvedic retreat, that I had to eat cooked and hot meals. Raw food is not good for my body.

I never felt as good, as when I had warm meals throughout my days. It is awesome, such a warm cozy and nourishing feel.

Yes I miss the simplicity of a green smoothie, however, I know, that they do not serve me well.

Do I feel less spiritual? No, not anymore. I had some time when I felt I had to do everything by the book, and be ‘perfect’.

Now I know, that I am perfect, just the way I am.



I always felt sick, after I had milk. I felt bloated, and my tummy hurt. The doctor did not find a lactose intolerance, however I know Milk is not good for me. So I switched to rice milk, which is very good, and my body loves it.

I have to admit, having Muesli with rice milk takes some adjustment ;-)

Please learn to substitute whenever needed. Learn to phrase your words, instead of saying I can’t have milk anymore, say I love to enjoy rice milk. Focus on what is good for you, rather than what you can’t have anymore.

Feel Good! It is all about feeling good.


So after my experiences with green smoothies, I know I will never be a raw vegan. Anyway I love my eggs too much. Raw Vegan is just not for me, and that is very much ok.

When I grew up we had waves of Macro Biotic foods, then there was the Carb Free period, and so many others.

It is ok to try it all out, and see how you are feeling.

Remember to always listen to your OWN body, and it is ok to step away from something that is not serving you, even if everyone around you adheres to it.

It is your body, it is your life, make the most out of it.

We are all here to learn our own things, and stand in our own truth.

Just learn to listen to your body, what is it telling you now?


We are all spiritual beings. This is our truth, whether we live it or not.

Enjoy your own kind of spirituality yes read about others, but learn to adjust the lessons for yourself.

What is true for you? Find your own answers.

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Enjoy a wonderful day

Embrace yourself

and simply be the most amazing you that you are

Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

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