Taken for granted

Have you ever felt you are taken for granted?

It is OK to say NO

Dear Beautiful Soul

How are you feeling?

Do you know the feeling when you love to help others
and then they just pull you in
and you feel drained and exhausted
though you feel guilty
cause the other person truly needs your help, right?

Or when you do everything in the household and help your kids
and you keep going, feeling exhausted
and no one even says THANK YOU
or appreciates what you are doing.
Especially Teenagers take everything for granted
and when you ask them for help, it is like…., yeah yeah…

First of all
Learn to say YES to yourself

it is ok to say NO to others
it is also ok to ask others for support and get Teenagers to help you,
we don’t want to feel resentment, or feeling used
or taken for granted
just because we forget to fill up our jar first

As women we are so trained in helping others
we are always supporting family, friends
and we so often forget about ourselves

Learn to Prioritize yourself

This is the 3rd part in my unique HOPE system

Learning to saying Yes to oneself
Learning to forgive oneself, for whatever we let others do to us
Learning to fill up our jar first, before we give
Learning to accept ourselves just the way we are
and Learning to love ourselves

is so important.

It is in part 3, as we first need to heal and let go of our past
and Open our hearts
so we can then prioritize ourselves
and Emerge, Evolve and Empower ourselves in the last step

I love to support YOU

What is going on in your life?
Do you feel taken for granted?

Let’s chat

You deserve to put yourself first

Signature Caroline Palmy

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