Burnout - what I learnt

Dear beautiful soul. Welcome to the most amazing journey of getting to know yourself better.

The state of burnout is – unfortunately – a wonderful starting point in finding out what you really like in life and what is there that no longer serves you.

I know this might sound weird to you, but when I suffered from burnout a couple of years ago, the tiredness actually helped me live my life more in tune with myself.

I was so tired then, and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I could not even look up to see where I was going. I was like a robot who kept on going without even thinking about it – that is until I just couldn’t go anymore.

I had to sit down and take inventory of myself and my life.

Here’s what I learned…

First of all, you need to know that you are here for a reason.

Put the blame and guilt aside. Make a habit of breathing in, and then make a point to release all blame and guilt when you exhale.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to feel your best, energetically. What you are experiencing right now is only the starting point of making changes that really bring you in line with your true spirit and authentic calling.

I love to share and inspire you.

So now, let’s go!


The Four Levels of Burnout

I look at burnout on four levels in order to see it as a whole.

The first level is your body, your physical level.

The second level is your emotions, your emotional level.

The third level is your thoughts, your thought level.

and the last level is the soul level.
When you are reading this, remember that – even though we are all one -each on of us is also a unique self. So please pick the fruits that resonate with you, and leave the guidance you don’t feel good about. There is no one size fits all solution.

This is all about YOU: what do YOU want, what do YOU like, what will help YOU.

I am sharing the things that helped me. Please feel free to try what I recommend and be open to the process as it unfolds for you.

The most important thing here is for you to find your own self, get empowered to help yourself, and to do what you like.

There is so much to mention regarding this topic, so for this edition I will just concentrate on:

Let’s see how that works out on the four levels:


Physical Body:

Accept: Start accepting every aspect of your body. It is God given, and it does serve its purpose.

I never wanted broad shoulders (it is very hard to find a jacket or a blouse that fits). I always wanted to be much thinner and more lady like. But alas, I was created with a voluptuous body with wide shoulders.

Over time, I learnt that my wide shoulders helped me carry my burdens. I became proud of my wide shoulders, as they served a purpose by supporting me.

Now, I can stand proud – tall and wide. I even gained a size around my shoulders.

My acceptance of this area that I had looked so poorly upon before had the effect of making my heart chakra more open. I found that the love I had formerly held inside could flow more freely.

I also have a belly. I know my belly helps to shield me from harsh energies, and it does serve me well.

Nowadays, I look in the mirror and am proud of my body. I am proud it bore my three children. I am proud it has served me so well in this life.

For 45 years, my body has supported me, carried me everywhere I went.

I don’t want to be as thin as a super model.

I have started to accept my body and myself, just the way I am.

What do you need to accept about your body?

Talk to your body. Ask the Universe to help you. And mostly just allow yourself to BE.

BE your beautiful self.

Stop comparing.

Stop wishing things away.

Accept your body the way it is and see the good in it.

A change the way you think about your body probably won’t happen over night. Simply take things one step at a time and know it WILL change.

Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are proud of your body and that you accept your body. Every time you dress, tell yourself or your body, “I accept you, my beautiful body. Thanks for being here. Thank you, body, for this physical experience on the earth. Thanks for giving me all the sensations I’ve felt in life.”

Forgive: Forgive your body for whatever you feel it wasn’t able to do. I forgave my body for having big shoulders. I forgave my body for its voluptuous shape. Most importantly, I forgave myself for not treating or accepting my body the way it was.

Forgive yourself for not treating your body in the best way.

Yes, we could probably all do with healthier food, more exercise, and what not. However, carrying guilt about not being good enough is even worse for us.

So forgive yourself for not always eating healthy, for not always drinking enough water, for not loving your body fully. Be open to forgiving yourself.

Release: Now release all of it.

Everything you forgive yourself and your body for, you simply release.

I release the fact that I never loved the shape of my shoulders. I release the guilt I felt because I ate fast food. I release the guilt I felt for drinking a glass of wine. I release it all and am open to release.

Promise: Promise yourself that you will start to accept and love your body a little bit more every day.

That is all that is needed. Just accept your body a little bit more each day – and with accepting, forgiving and releasing the love will come.

Promise yourself to find the good in your body a little more each day.

Promise yourself to see the positive alternative view of your body a little bit more each day.

That is all you need – a little bit at a time.

Note: Please wear comfortable clothing in fabrics, colours, and cuts you like. If your jeans are pinching you because they are too tight, how will you feel? I know that I tell myself I am too fat every time my jeans feel uncomfortable.

Remember to be gentle with your body and yourself.


Emotional Level:

Accept: Oh, I was so good at pushing away my emotions, or belittling myself for having them. I felt so tired; I felt worthless; I felt lost. The more I pushed my feelings aside, the worse I felt.

I learnt that, by acknowledging and accepting my emotions, I could heal them and set them free.

Realize that, when you have an emotion, you should look at it. Try to understand what an emotion is there to tell you, and acknowledge it. Do the same for fear, guilt, or any other negative feeling you have.

Thank you worthlessness for showing up. What do you want to tell me? Oh, you want to tell me that I have not found my own worthiness. Maybe that is something good for me to consider. Thank you.

The more you deny your emotions, the more they come back and really stay. Like children, the more you push them away, the louder they get. So treat your emotions gently, as they are there to tell you something. They are pointers towards your healing.

Forgive: Forgive yourself for the emotions you are feeling. Forgive yourself for feeling that way. Forgive yourself for pushing your emotions away. Mostly, forgive yourself for not listening in to your feelings any earlier. Forgive yourself for everything.

Release: Set your emotions free. By accepting them and looking into them, you can set them free. They are ready to be released. Release yourself from lower emotions, like guilt, fear, and blame. Be open to release your emotions and set them free.

Promise: Promise yourself to have higher vibrational (positive) thoughts about yourself more and more often each day. Promise yourself to further release negative thoughts a little bit more each day.


Thoughts Level:

Accept: Accept the fact that we are constantly thinking. Accept the fact that we sometimes think negative thoughts. Accept those thoughts. Monitor them. Ask, “What does this thought say about me? Why do I think this?”

I had thoughts like: “I am lazy, I am not good enough, I can’t do a thing. Why am I always so tired. Why am I not like anybody else?”

Where did those thoughts come from? Mostly from a lack of self esteem.

Alas, by talking poorly about myself and not accepting myself for what and who I was, I was lowering my own self worth.

Stop comparing and start living your life. And monitor your thoughts. Don’t push them away. Accept them.

Forgive: Forgive yourself for thinking negative thoughts. Forgive yourself for not knowing any better. Forgive those thoughts. Forgive yourself for thinking them.

Release: Release all negative thought patterns. Be open to release. Release yourself from comparison and be open for positive thoughts.

Promise: Promise yourself to have more positive thoughts about yourself a little more each day. Promise yourself to monitor your thoughts a little better each day. Rephrase your thoughts turning them into something positive.


Soul Level:

Accept: The soul level might feel a bit more tricky. Bear with me for the moment, and feel what is right for you.

I am not here to preach or tell you what you need to do. I just want to share some ideas and give you insight about what I learnt myself.

Each soul came to this earth to fulfill a purpose. Most of us forgot about the specifics of our missions. We might have a vague glimmer of an idea, and that is all.

We know what brings us joy. Oftentimes, we are so busy living our lives that we forget to have joy and fun. We may not allow ourselves to really enjoy life.

Perhaps we might have liked to have walked a different path, yet somehow we realize that we are not doing what we were truly meant to do.

I felt that my burnout was telling me that I was not leading the life I came here to live, so I started to listen to the whispers of my soul and accepting that knowledge.

I started listening to my soul through meditation, or going within. I found my joy and passion while I was discovering my purpose.

Many times, it is enough to just accept the fact that there might be a soul aspect involved in your burnout. Accept the messages you receive, accept the renewed joy and passion in your life. Accept the pointer – a pointer to a more gentle life. Allow joy and passion into your life. Live a lighter life.

Forgive: Forgive yourself for not always being joyful. Forgive yourself for living a life that might not be fully aligned with your soul purpose – it is very much ok. Forgive yourself for not listening to your intuition or your soul any earlier. You are here now, and you got the message.

Release: Release all guilt about the past; release all fear about the future; release all self blame. Just release and be open to releasing.

It is time to let go and let God.

Sometimes, you may want to control everything, and this can be extremely tiring. You can’t control the outcome of everything, so why don’t you lean back and let life show you what it has in store for you?

Be open for all the good that is awaiting you. Release, take a deep breath, and feel how good it feels to just trust and be.

Promise: Promise yourself to feel joy every day a little bit more. Promise yourself to do something joyful every day a little more. Promise to let go of control every day a little more. Promise to release guilt and blame every day a little bit more. Promise yourself to feel trust every day a little more.

Please stay tuned. In future blog posts, I will look into detoxing, healing, embracing yourself, and many more related topics. Most of all, I will be talking about how to release lower energy and energy drains, and also how to tune into more energy and maintain being in the flow.

Feeling loved is essential, I have created this beautiful Cradling with Eternal Mother meditation, that might help you

Please feel free to contact me or leave a reply. I am always happy to hear what your experiences are.

Warm hugs. Know it will get easier as you take it one step at a time. Know that you are NOT alone in this.

Signature Caroline Palmy


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