Reading Chapters from my book and signing your copy.

Meet me in Freienbach on September 27. I will read 1 or 2 chapters our of my book, and guide you through the exercise at the end of the chapter, helping you to come back to yourself.

When we are connected to ourselves, we trust, we feel connected to inner peace and strength and we get the answers we seek.

When my marriage broke apart, I had no idea, who I was any longer, hence a beautiful journey back to myself started.

We all go through life’s experiences, and learn so much, while we keep going one step at a time.

I have written 30 stories, that are independent of each other, and so easy to pick one to share.

I am looking forward to seeing you live and connecting with you.

If you love to learn more about my book, or order your copy, here are the link to Amazon Germany

German Version

English Version

I will bring some copies with me, you can purchase one of my books for 20CHF on the day.

See you on Thursday September 27th at 7pm.

Please let me know, whether you are coming, so I can prepare enough chairs.

Warm hugs


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