Allow yourself to just be


Do you allow yourself to just be, or do you rather push yourself through your to-do list?

I am a bit of pushy person, myself. I still feel that a person has to work hard and a lot, and then maybe there will be time left to play.

When we were growing up, most of our mothers told us, “You can go and play AFTER you have finished your homework and chores.”

Fun and play was something outside of work, outside of school, outside of learning.

So many of us work hard to earn enough money to be able to take the vacation we so desperately need so that we can relax and recharge, in order to go back to work.

What if work could be fun and play? Really? Does that sound weird?

It’s not so weird for me, as I am leading a soulful business and I do love my work (You, too, can integrate some fun and joy in your work.) Still I keep pushing myself to work on my to-do list, which is not a good feeling as it sometimes takes the fun and joy out of my day.

This month, I got the message from my angel team…


to guide me through my business and life.

Just Be

What could that mean? Does it mean I just sit lazily around, doing nothing?

Do we ever do nothing? We keep breathing. Often, we keep thinking, and more often than not we grow during our quiet times like kids grow only when they sleep.

Every now and then, allow yourself to just be.


I knew this month felt different to me. It was finally time to look after myself again. I was far too out there, pushing myself forward without taking time to reflect, or to take time to relax and just be.

At the beginning of last week, I felt so tired, and then my youngest was home sick, and I had to reschedule everything. I allowed myself to take things easier. I did less and learnt so much during the process.

Relax and take it easy. You are allowed to relax.


Somehow, this restful time felt comfortable and then at other times I felt like I was being lazy like I should be doing something. (You can read more about Should in my blog post Stop Should-ing yourself).

So, I finally had time to breathe. I felt very restricted before because I did not allow myself to expand and breathe.

Sitting there, doing nothing was amazing. Yes, it was a tiny bit uncomfortable. I mean, could I really allow myself to do nothing?

We are all so used to being useful and being busy all the time that when we sit down and do nothing, we feel very uncomfortable.

Sit down, and just breathe. You are so worth it.


While enjoying my time reading books and just being, I could finally expand myself and my horizon, and got a broader view, like from an outside perspective looking inside, or from above, seeing everything from a different bird eye’s view.

It was amazing. I saw so many things that kept me small. Keeping myself in a strict routine, for example, was really dampening my spirit.

Zipping through my to-do list was not really joyful. Ticking off this and that was ok, but did not really bring me any sort of feeling of having accomplished something.

Expand your vision and look at yourself from an outside point of view.

Allowing versus Doing

We are all still in that male energy: doing, achieving, doing more, keeping active, keeping busy…

We have forgotten to allow it all in.

While I was out there doing and keeping busy, I did not allow myself to receive anything – not even the joy of achievement, as I was too busy and already thinking abut the next thing that still needed to be done.

Embrace it, allow it in, and nurture yourself. We all have feminine aspects that we re-learn to apply in our lives nowadays.

We forget that we sometimes need time to integrate everything we learn and do. We also need time each morning to get into the vibration of what we want to achieve, and really listen to our bodies and souls, finding out what are they telling us. If your body is just telling you to take a bath then go for it with abandon and joy. You will learn so much more while enjoying your bath, than you would if you kept pushing yourself through the next task.

Your intuition is open when you relax, and you can connect to your higher self and the Universe and listen to what you need right now in your life as well, as in your business.

Allow yourself to be and ask yourself what you need each day – then follow up on it.

Time for the flow

Now is our time. Now is the time to be in the flow. Now is the time to really listen within and to acknowledge the wisdom within.

Are you ready for it?

Set aside 5 minutes each morning to feel into yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I need today?”

Allow yourself to do what you need.

Embrace your time.


Me: I got three more books about Avalon and I feel the urge to read them. Yes, I can do that first thing in the morning and also during the day – not only after I have done a long day of work. Sitting and reading is so awesome.

Learning about feminine wisdom, the inner goddess, and allowing and embracing it all.

Allocate some time for yourself each day so you can get back into the flow again.



I feared I would just be lying around forever, never ever getting up again. I napped for 2 to 3 hours every day, and still slept about 10 hours at night. I stayed in bed late in the morning every day over the long weekend. Yes, I feared I would miss out on so many opportunities.

However, I so needed that rest. I so needed that inner growth. I so needed to catch up with myself and just be.

I felt like the floodgates had opened and let all my tiredness wash over me after I’d been held down for years and years.

Today is a new day, and I love how energized I feel.

Trust your own instincts, your own intuition.

Allow yourself to just be, even if it is for a few days or weeks.

I learnt that I had so much to catch up on, so much tiredness was coming up that needed to be released. Thinking back, I saw that I never really allowed myself to just be, and ever since I’ve been a Mom, I did not allow myself to catch up on sleep or release the constant tiredness.

This was my time.

Yes, I promised myself that I would not wait another 20 years to allow myself to rest and just be.

I am not talking about taking a small break – this was a huge rest that I needed.

If you feel the same way, allow yourself to take a couple of days off, and allow yourself to just be, too.

You so deserve it.

Embrace your fears and tell them that you have it covered, then breathe through the experience of just being.


Warm hugs,

Signature Caroline Palmy

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