What makes working with me a sacred, unique, safe, and deeply loving and nurturing experience

Acceptance and Love

I totally accept you for who you are and where you are at.

I trust that life is full of experiences, and life happens for us always. We are here to learn and expand. So wherever you are whatever you are going through, is the right place. It is never because you did something wrong, we often judge ourselves too harshly.

I hold you in love, in that deep nurturing and safe love. I am deeply grounded and connected to the Universe, so I can share that love and support with you too.

Compassion is one of my key trades, I have deep compassion from where you are coming from and what you are going through. I love to share that understanding with you, so you can see yourself through loving eyes, and experience that kindness, and nurturing love for yourself. A place you belong, a place you are worthy and a place you are deeply connected at peace and loved: YOU.

Nurturing Mother Energy

I am a mother hen, yes, and I hold you in that nurturing and truly loving space, so you can experience what it feels to be loved and looked after.

You feel like being cradled and held, like a child sitting on your Mom’s lab while she rocks you and sooths you. You can finally just let it all go.

Trust and Privacy and Confidentiality

Whatever is shared during our healing session, stays between you and me.

Trust and respect are values I rate highly, so I would never share anything outside our sacred healing.

Of course YOU are free to share your experience with your friends or in a testimonial, I love word of mouth recommendations, as well as testimonials.

Empathy and Channeling

My empathy is my highest gift, I can sense into your body, feel aches and tension deeply. I only do this during our session, or when you ask me to.

I absolutely trust my guidance, I channel what is coming through me 100%, I don’t hold back, I know this is how I can serve you best.

I trust that what is coming is the perfect healing for you at any given time. So you get the best and uniquely tailored healing that is perfect for you.

Flexibility, trusting my guidance

I go with the flow of each session, yes I work from head to toe to cover all areas, though what comes through is always unique for each session and each client.

I don’t follow a rigid protocol, I allow the flow, I allow myself to be flexible and yes I make sure I am a clear channel every time, so I can best serve you with the perfect healing attuned to your needs.

Trusting my guidance comes easily now, I learned long ago, that this way you get the best healing intended for you, I learn new ways to go as well, and my intuition and guidance never let me down, as I stand in love, I know all the haling is coming from a loving place too.

Attuned to each Client

I take about 30 minutes to prepare for our session, and afterwards I take about 30 minutes to end the session.

I am always well prepared, tuned in and ready with an open ear and heart to be there for you fully.

I am attuning and letting myself been guided through each session.

Trusting what comes is the right thing for you,

This makes each session unique, and perfectly tailored for each client and each occasion.

 You get what is perfectly attuned for you in each session.

All of this makes a Heart Flow Healing session perfect.


I am honoured and happy to assist you on your healing journey

May it be during a 30 min Energy Cleansing Taster Session

A 60 min Heart Flow Healing Session

Or a In-Depth Healing Experience for true magic to happen.

 Warm hugs and much love

Signature Caroline Palmy

“Caroline is such a generous, kind and loving person. She provided such a safe and loving environment for the healing session.

As someone who doesn’t always find doing things online so easy, this was particularly important to me. Caroline showed such insight during the session, helping me to further release and heal old emotional wounds, which had become very deeply engrained within me.

A significant while afterwards, I am still able to recall and feel into the words, images and feelings from the session, which I think is a testimony to the depth and power of Caroline’s work.

I am very grateful to have had this healing experience with her, and would highly recommend Caroline’s work to others who wish to heal or release old emotions and stories, and to call more love, joy and beauty into their lives.

Bunny Warren

Environmentalist and Researcher

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