7 Helpful Tools for Sensitive Souls


Dear Sensitive Soul,

You are perfectly normal,
no need to toughen up,

Sensitivity is a great gift,
however you might feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like torn apart,

Time to take extra care of your energy system
and embrace your sensitivity

I am a sensitive soul too, so I know how this can feel
I share my 7 helpful tools with you so you can stay sensitive in this often harsh world and be happy and feel vibrant

This comes with a video, in which I share the 7 helpful tools with you

a pdf with a list of the 7 helpful tools, so you can take it with you like a check list and reminder while out and about

plus an audio, where I guide you lovingly through the 7 helpful tools, you can relax and just listen to my voice

You are perfect just the way you are

we sensitive souls just need a little extra gentle care

Sending you much love




Consists of a video, audio to go deeper, and a checklist


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