Year Round Heart Flow Healing Experience

Feeling good year round is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

We shower daily (or most of us do), and we have our car cleaned regularly. What about our energy system? We feel so much better and in the flow when our energy system has been cleared and is able to function properly again. We feel refreshed and energetic.

It is normal that we pick up energetic dust and dirt throughout our lives. Our energy system gets blocked and we feel tired and drained. Sometimes we connect with experiences that sadden us and we have no way to clear this ourselves.

Heart Flow Healing

A heart flow healing session allows us to go straight to the heart of what is happening in your life right now.

As you identify something that you would like support with, I can be with you in so much love that you can feel safe and guided to relax and release.

As an intuitive channel, I will use my gifts to truly understand the nature of what is showing up in your life. I can relay to you the patterns underlying your experience so you can see them clearly.

Together we will turn to your angels, guides and heavenly messengers to support you to experience deep inner healing that will allow you to return to your trusting yourself and feeling held in love.


 I’d love to offer you a Year Round Heart Flow Healing Experience

We will connect once each season for a healing session

We clear your system, release blockages, and see what is coming up. You will receive guidance and are able to get answers to questions you might be carrying around. We will release the old season and prepare you for the new season, so you can embrace it with open arms.

Plus you will receive a guided meditation at the beginning of each Season, so you can tune in, release and relax. This meditation you can listen to at your convenience and as often as you like.

Year Round Heart Flow Healing Experience consists of:

  • 4  times a  1 on 1 healing sessions (1 for each season)
  • plus 4 meditations (1 for each season)
  • plus E-Mail Check ups


Spring is the Season to reawaken, where sprouts come out of the soil, flowers bloom and the days get longer and warmer.

We love to feel energetic and go outdoors more. Life is waking up, and so do we out of our winter slumber.

This is a fabulous time to release the shadows of winter and deeply clear and energise our system, so we are ready to move around more and feel the joy of spring.


Summer is the time of leisure, we love to play meet with friends, sit outside, are up much longer, we are lively and feel energized by the light and short days.
It is the time of summer breaks, family time and BBQ’s, time spend with friends sitting outside and warmth and sun.

This is a fabulous time to allow being, take it a bit slower, ease into fun and play and yes also time to feel overwhelmed, having kids and family around more often, and travel or sometimes feel busy.
Time to set firm boundaries and also time to learn to take time out for yourself


Autumn is the time of shorter and cooler days, observing the colours of the leaves, it is the time of change, and harvest, also an intense time of smell.

We give thanks to life. Time to go within, feel gratitude and also enjoying the golden sunshine rays.

This is a fabulous time to release anything that no longer serves us, letting go, embracing change and connecting to the inner gratitude.


Winter is the time of snow, of chimney fires, of going within and cuddling up reading a book, candles, and taking it easier.

Sometimes we might feel like a bear and hibernating.

This is a fabulous time to go within, allow ourselves the peace and quiet and simply be, Making life easier and going within. What is it that I need now to nurture myself?

* if you are living on the southern hemisphere, your cycle starts with autumn and winter and goes into Spring and summer. Please let me know, so I can adjust to your Seasons, sending the right meditation and of course adjust our healing sessions accordingly.

Healing focused on what YOU need each time

Each healing session is unique, and we can never tell, what will happen before, rest assured that you will receive the right healing session for you each time. Yes we will focus on the season however we will focus more on what YOU need each time.

Healing over a year is wonderful, as each time we can peel away a new layer and if need be readdress a certain issue.
Allowing yourself a year round Heart Flow Healing Experience is the best gift you can give to yourself.

If you enjoy a healing session, you will enjoy this year round package even more.

What You Will Receive

 I will invite you in March, June, September and December to book your time for your healing session, while sending you the new seasonal meditation.

We will meet 1 on 1 and have time to catch up and then dive into our healing session together.

I am always happy to hear from you, so feel free to contact me throughout the year, let me know what is going on and how you are feeling.

If you love meditations, you will enjoy the 4 meditations that come with this package and you feel more relaxed and more you each time.

You will know you are on the right path, feel reassured and happy.

 4 Healing Sessions (1 each season)

 plus 4 Meditations (1 each season)

  will set you on a wonderful healing journey throughout 2018

My healing session with Caroline Palmy was an incredible experience.

I felt like I had a week’s holiday by the beach by the end!

Caroline holds a very loving and nurturing space for deep healing to take place.  Her support brings you into a wonderful place of peace, flow and connection.

Thank you Caroline! 

Lara Waldman

Author of Money Manifestation Mastery International Speaker, Healer, Spiritual Mentor,

Are you ready to allow yourself to receive this gift?

Book now and stay in the flow of your heart year round

This experience is only available till January 31st.
Four healing sessions plus 4 meditations for only 744$

4 Healing Sessions plus 4 Meditations plus E-Mail support
feels like being hugged throughout the year.

I am so looking forward to sailing through 2018 with you.
Feel the flow and open our hearts.

 Warm hugs

Signature Caroline Palmy

My experience with Caroline Palmy was truly magical and she deeply rooted into my Soul wounds from her first breath.

You know you have found the healer for yourself when they touch that nerve and the release begins. I could feel and sense the pains that were hiding out gently come to the surface and my freedom allowed me to breathe fuller and become captivated with all of Caroline’s flow of Spiritual information.

Hours later and days even I felt my mind less gripped with fear and I knew from my own personal work that a huge block had been lifted. I would continue to see Caroline and recommend her truly powerful gift of insight and healing to anyone wanting an experience of deep transformation.  I feel honoured to have had this experience with Caroline! 

Patrice Hutton-Jones

Healer at Intuitive Coaching, PHJ Coaching

Caroline gave me one of the most powerful healings I have ever experienced.

Her healing addressed specific issues I was having with moving forward in my life as I was struggling with being overcome by fear that stopped me in my tracks.

Caroline helped move the fear out, and she also talked with me and gave me ways to think about the thoughts and feelings that block me from achieving my goals.

Listening to her was like listening to the advice and wisdom of an angel who knew me well. I wrote down much of what she said so I could refer back to it often. What a remarkable session. I am full of gratitude. 

Fisher Woodward

Intuitive Healer, Fisher Woodward

Caroline had such a gentle and kind way of supporting me to drop my guard and really open to receive. As a generous giver I can find it hard to allow others in and feel safe being seen.

Caroline was able to tune into the heart wounds that needed loving attention and swathe me in her kindness and care until I could hear the messages from my guides supporting me to return to my own innocence and purity

Caroline very accurately relayed to me challenges that I was facing and channeled comforting messages that supported me to release and heal old misperceptions of myself. As a result I felt more powerful knowing it is truly safe to be loved. I felt myself return to my innate tenderness with a new level of trust and receptivity. 

Lysa Black

Heart Healer , Heart Magic

Thank you for the session today! I already feel so much better – like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders and like I can fully step into who I am (and also recognize and accept the support around me).

I was amazed at how you hit on points that were so subtle, yet profound in my life. How even the analysis of who I was in a past life tied so closely into who I am today – how I act, what I do. Integrating that energy into the present moment and grounding into this space was profound for me. Profound is almost an understatement.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts – for seeing me and allowing me to see myself. You lifted a veil and showed me a way to let more light into my world. I appreciate it more than you could know.

Susan Ellis-Saller

Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Souls, Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Reader (CACRTM), Energy Therapist,

My session with Caroline was so lovely and peaceful.

Caroline has this incredibly calm and loving energy that she wraps all around you. Her insights and comments were spot on, really touching on what’s playing in my life, helping me to see things clearly. 

I felt stuck for a while and was also dealing with some minor health issues, but all of this cleared up in the days following my time with Caroline, like the light was shining just so much brighter again. 

If your heart and soul need a little bit of healing, then I would highly recommend you to get in touch with her.

Helena Heart

Blossomer of Business with Website Magic,

Caroline is one of the most loving and gentle souls I know. Her energy is filled with love and she sees everyone with so much compassion and offers her wisdom so generously. I love how she shares her stories and challenges with such an open heart and by doing so she helps others to feel safe enough to open up their hearts too. I highly recommend working with Caroline and know she will always show up fully and shower her soul sisters with unconditional love. 
Karina Ladet

Intuitive Healer,

My session with Caroline was incredibly powerful, unlike anything I have ever experienced. She was able to feel into each part of me and accurately identify the blocks – very specific memories that apparently were still being held in my energy system. The messages were all super clear and specific, nothing was vague or general. I could physically feel the energy leaving my body and my heart opening. I feel lighter and more sure of myself – it definitely feels like something heavy has been lifted. Caroline has a very powerful gift and is truly special. If you’re feeling out of balance, heavy or in need of some loving care, then I highly recommend a session with Caroline, you’ll be able to move forward again without this feeling that something is holding you back. 
Joanna Hennon

Soul Wisdom Mentor,

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