Winter Solstice Online Gathering

Capricorn Gateway to New Possibilities

It is at the peak of the Holiday Season that we celebrate the shortest day, Winter Solstice. It is in this darkest of days we often look for a light and guidance.

I invite you to:

Step through this Portal with me, into the new light into new possibilities.

Ignite and rekindle your own inner light, we so often forget to look within, or have dimmed our light.

And bring that light forward into the new era, the new cycle of growing light and 2020.

Sunday December 22th- 4pm CET

10am New York – 3pm London

Are you feeling stressed, worn out, exhausted, and are ready to flee it all?

Is the Holiday Season and everyone’s expectation taking a toll on you?

Do you feel chained, weight down by traditions and expectations?

Is the darkness, the sheer endless nights and maybe your own inner dimness worrying you?

I invite you to an hour of:

Inner Calm

Inner Peace

And inner Love

A time to release those chains and burdens,

let go of expectations, and arrive within.

Release your worries, fears and darker moments

A precious moment for you in a hectic and dark time

After our Online Gathering you will feel:



And filled with light and love

Free and happy to dance forward into your life and all the new possibilities

You will be ready to enjoy the Holidays, with your family, with your life with a new and lighter step.

“My healing session with Caroline Palmy was an incredible experience. I felt like I had a week’s holiday by the beach by the end!

Caroline holds a very loving and nurturing space for deep healing to take place.  Her support brings you into a wonderful place of peace, flow and connection. Thank you Caroline!”

Lara Waldman

Author of Money Manifestation Mastery International Speaker, Healer, Spiritual Mentor,

The sun is moving into Capricorn on Winter Solstice

and we already have Jupiter in Capricorn, and other planets. That’s why we call it the Capricorn Gateway, and there lie so many new possibilities ahead.

Capricorn is an earth sign, so we bring this light into this world and ground it

Your time to shine is now

This Winter Solstice is a big gateway for us all, all the more important we truly embrace the energy and walk through it together.

I know you might be telling yourself

That you have no time, that you are too stressed, that you can’t possibly attend another online gathering.

I lovingly share with you, that exactly in this moment of stress, worry and overwhelm, you do actually need this hour with me. You will come back to a much calmer place and be ready to move forward with new energy.

Like Buddha says, meditate 20 minutes each day, if you don’t have time meditate an hour.

This hour is a gift to you, a time to remember who YOU are, and honour yourself.  

This is your time, where you can simple be you.

“What if I just can’t attend live on that day and time?”

I know time zones and Holidays might not make it possible for you to attend life, you will receive the recording and can listen to it, at your convenience, and also relisten as often as you want.

“What if I feel uncomfortable being together with ‘strangers’? “

That is ok, you do not have to have your camera on, you can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. This is your time, and for you to receive what you need.

Remember that when we bring in the light together it is much more magnified, and as you shine your light you see your light reflected in others too.

You can ask questions in the chat, or send me an email later on, I am always happy to answer you privately.

What if you could bring your own light in the darkest of days?

What will happen during our time together?

Energy Healing at its Best ♥ 


We will meet on Zoom, an online Webinar platform like Skype at 4pm Sunday December 22nd.


We will ignite our own inner light


We embrace all the experiences of 2019


Release and let go of the dark and old


We will walk through the portal, the Capricorn Gateway together, and arrive in the new light


Sharing our light and spreading our light to the world


We are welcoming the energy of the new cycle, new era and 2020

Join me during the Winter Solstice Online Gathering 

Sunday December 22th- 4pm CET
(10am New York, 3pm London)

Replay will be emailed to you

Duration about an hour

“Caroline is one of the most loving and gentle souls I know. Her energy is filled with love and she sees everyone with so much compassion and offers her wisdom so generously. I love how she shares her stories and challenges with such an open heart and by doing so she helps others to feel safe enough to open up their hearts too. I highly recommend working with Caroline and know she will always show up fully and shower her soul sisters with unconditional love.”

Karina Ladet

Intuitive Healer,

This is a powerful moment, a powerful place to be

In the first part I will be sharing some insights, and hopefully have Alison share her wisdom (see extra bonus)

And then we dive into a guided meditation, a time of healing, clearing enlighten and becoming.

Extra Bonus

Alison Smith, a gorgeous gifted Astrologer, will share with us about the Planets in Capricorn and the energy of Capricorn.

My hope is, that Alison can join us live during the Online Gathering, as she is currently moving house counties and miles apart, she might not be able to join us live. In that case she will share her wisdom with you, and I will send it out via Email to you all. Either way, you get the extra bonus of hearing about Capricorn Energy from an expert.

Join me and Bring in the Light

Sunday December 22th- 4pm CET
(10am New York, 3pm London)

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