Here are some further details plus I answer some commonly asked questions.

Also please feel free to book a call with me directly, so we can answer your questions.

What Days and Times are you available?

I am on central European time. (6 hrs ahead of New York ET)

I work Monday afternoons, what equals to 8am ET to 3pm ET

Tuesdays 9am to 9pm (till 3pm ET)

Thursdays 9am to 9 pm (till 3pm ET)

If you have a hard time finding a time, we will find one together, that works for both of us. There was never a client that didn’t find a suitable time with me.

Caroline Palmy 6 month healing journey
feeling great

How does a session look like?

We meet on Zoom,

We have a chat, you can share anything about what is going on and how you are feeling, and how it is going for you

I am free to answer any of your questions

We will chat about that session’s topic and see how it resonates with you

I share insights and tools

We will dive into a deeply healing meditation like state, clearing healing and opening up (according to the theme of the session, and what is happening in your life at the time)

How long is one session?

Usually around an hour

It can be anything from 45 minutes to maybe even 70 minutes

What can I expect from this Self Love Journey?

A deep sense for self

Learning so much about yourself

A connection to your Intuition

A vision for your life

Deep letting go, so freedom for yourself

Self Compassion

Self Love

Self Care

Self Worth

Self Empowerment

Ready for next steps in life

Clear Vision

Passion for your life

What kind of energy healing are you using?

My very unique Heart Flow Healing

My Intuitive Energy Healing, combined with compassion, empathy and love.

A mixture of Pranic Healing, Angelic Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Mediumship,

Do I have to take the 12 sessions consecutively each week?

You can if that works for you

Usually my clients take a break in between, eg 4 weeks in a row, then 1 or 2 weeks off,

Some also take a session every other week, which then spans over 6 months in all.

This is totally up to you and how you feel and how it works for you.


What about having a break in between?

Sometimes a break is needed, and sometimes we have vacation plans, that is perfectly ok. As long as the break is limited, and you already planned your next session.

I don’t want you to drop out of this process.



Do I need to prepare for each session?

Make sure you are on time, in a quiet space, where you are not interrupted.

Best take about 10 minutes before each session, to relax breathe and center yourself.

If you have questions from previous sessions or feedback, maybe you want to have them written down and handy.

Keep the worksheets from previous sessions handy.

Be ready to open to the process.

Will you guarantee success?

I can’t guarantee you anything. I know however, from all the clients that I guided through this process:

if you do the work, and if you are applying what you have learned, you will feel much better about yourself.

Once you opened up to loving yourself, and creating space for yourself, the world is your oyster.

You will feel better about yourself, you will love yourself and feel worthy, and just by that you will be ready to lead your life.

What about payment

I have payment plan options.

You can pay in full,

Or in 3 installments

And of course I am happy to talk to you about other payment plans.

Not sure I can spend so much money on myself

I know, we have all been there, we are willing to spend money and time on others, we have a hard time spending money on ourselves, because we do not feel worthy or good enough.

This is a sure sign, you are actually ready for this journey, a journey you learn to feel worthy and care enough about yourself, that you feel good about investing on yourself.

This journey will help you feel worthy and being full of love, so you can spread that love to others. As a Mom I always loved my children, though when I finally learned to love myself, wow the love for my children was even bigger, deeper fuller.

This is your time to stop feeling inferior, unloved, not good enough, heal yourself, so you can be the role model you love to be for your daughters, nieces, be the light, and shine bright.


I know this journey is amazing, I’ve seen it first hand in many of my clients too.




If you are still unsure, read the testimonials of my gorgeous clients

and have a chat with me, no strings attached.

Book your time here:
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 Warm hugs and much love

Signature Caroline Palmy

This 12-week program is a life-changer!

I started this 12-week program with Caroline when I had hit a deep low in my life. I had
moved back to the UK just as the pandemic forced us into lockdowns and my expectations
of a new life were crushed. Then I discovered I was suffering with severe depression, a
menopausal side-effect. My life felt like it was collapsing in around me while I spiralled
further down into a dark abyss. It was an extremely frightening time.

Along with finally getting the right hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), working with
Caroline helped me to find my way back to me. Tapping into her intuition as a heart-flow
healer, she gently guided me step-by-step through her comprehensive program and each
week we focussed on another vital piece of the self-love puzzle.

Caroline reminded me of what my heart knew, however, my head was blocking the
knowledge with a wall built of fear. Slowly that wall is coming down brick by brick – it is a
journey, it takes time and without Caroline’s guidance I would not be where I am today. I am
a work-in-progress and have an array of simple and effective tools to help me as I continue
my healing.

My confidence is returning and I am making plans to follow my purpose. Yes, it is scary but it
feels good and my heart is starting to sing once again.
If you are feeling stuck or lost – then I would totally recommend taking Caroline’s 12-Week
Self Love Journey, it will transform your life. Self-love is the key to change.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Janet Groom

Author and Book Coach

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