When Something Is Meant To Be

When Something Is Meant To Be

it will always find its way to you.

Have you had incidents in your life you just realised were meant to be? Maybe it was fate that led you to talk to a person. Maybe it was meant to be that you watched a particular movie, or maybe you met your Soul Mate and just knew you were meant to be together.

Angels support us behind the scenes in our lives and make things happen, just because those things are meant to be.

You may not have had a Divinely Guided experience yet, or maybe you didn’t recognize an experience as one that was fated to be. That’s ok.

I want to share with you the story of how we came to live in the house we live in now – where we’ll stay, even after the little scare we just had (read more here).

Time to Move

Nearly two years after the breakup of my marriage, in October 2010, I started to look for a new home to live in with my three kids. I was ready to move on. My ex wanted to sell the house we were living in, and – quite frankly – it was far away from the international school my kids attended. The drive to school was long and through heavy traffic. Aside from that, I was ready to start anew.

In the beginning, I just wanted to keep stability for my kids, and that is why I stayed in our old house for so long. Their father leaving was enough change. There was no need to put them through a move and de-root them at the same time. Alas, after two years, I felt it was OK to move.

I started to look at websites and check out the vacancies in our area. It was just for fun at first, just to get an idea of what was out there and about what I would like to have. This was the very first time in my life I could choose housing for myself. It was an awesome feeling.

House hunting

I started to look at homes, too, to get a feel for it. I was at one house that just wasn’t right, but the guy showing the house from the property management firm was very kind. I told him I would love to move into that area, and that I was looking for houses with 4 bedrooms.

Later that day, he sent me a link to another house they had to rent. I looked at it and felt, “yeah not bad,” but that was it. I did not follow up on it because I was busy otherwise, so the house hunting got pushed aside.

That was maybe the end of October/mid-November… somewhere around there.

I got a call

At the beginning of December, I was having lunch with my sister when I got a phone call from the nice property manager. He asked me if I’d had a look at the details about the house he’d sent out. I said I had, but mentioned it was surely gone by now. He said that it was still available. Oh wow!

I was surprised that the house was still on the market, as it was in a prime area. We set an appointment for me to look at it.

Informing the kids

Meanwhile, I had talked to the kids and gently told them that it was time for us to move. Yes, they would be closer to their friends, and yes, the drive would be less hassle and yes, it would be great. Of course, they were reluctant to leave the home and surroundings they knew, but that was only to be expected.

It was December 24th, 2010, when we first looked at the house. The sun was shining – a rare thing in winter. The area looked great. There was a nature reserve next door, a soccer field just down from the house, a huge park for kids to play at within walking distance. It seemed like it had everything we wanted.

Visiting our house for the first time

We went into this house, and I LOVED the kitchen. The sun shining made the cabinets look pale blue (they are actually grey-ish). There was a steamer in it – brilliant!

There were 3 bedrooms on the second floor, and the kids immediately settled on which room belonged to whom. I had a whole floor to myself one floor above the kids.

I was amazed. It felt like we had already decided on the house! All felt ready for us. We fell in love with that house.



This house was waiting for us

The same day we looked at two other houses. We did NOT like those other houses; we really loved the first one we looked at.

The house we loved was already empty, but I was not ready to move in immediately. That wasn’t a problem. I could start renting it from March 1st on, which gave me time to organize the move and also the whole month of March to move in.

We were in the flow

It was an amazing move. Everything went smoothly. It felt so right from the start, and it was all we’ve ever needed after we left our old home.

We are still very happy in our house. It is the perfect location for us, and our landlord is really nice.

We thank the Universe for sending us this house, and we’ll be happy to live in it for a couple more years to come.

It was simply meant to be

Thinking back, I realise that I never took a second look at the portfolio sent to me. I smile knowing that the Universe intervened and made sure we went to look at it and held it for us.

It’s amazing. I’m so in awe! Sometimes things are just meant to happen.

Have you had a similar experience in your life? Feel free to share your story with me.

This theory also applies to things falling apart.

Last week, I had a misunderstanding with a coach I was working with, and things ended in a huge blow-up. We ended up parting ways afterward. I felt sorry for the misunderstanding that I might have unintentionally caused; however, this whole scene brought out true faces, and I know I am better off without her.

I thanked the Angels for intervening for me. I knew deep down in my gut that she and I weren’t a good match, but somehow I still was not able to say NO to another round of coaching sessions. I felt obliged and I suppressed my own guidance. Now I feel much lighter and so much freer and happier. I know this was divine intervention, like when my ex-husband decided to move out. It was devastating at the time, but a huge blessing in disguise.

So you see, when something is meant to be, it always finds its way to you. Equally, when something is not meant to be, the Universe assists you in letting it fall away.

Be open to whatever comes in your life and go forward with trust that your Angels always have your back, no matter what.

Sending you warm hugs

and much love,


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