Inspiring Blog Posts

I love to write. Writing is a passion of mine, and words just flow through me. I often feel I am guided.

I love to share about my personal experiences, and it is wonderful when people come back to me and tell me, that I made their day.

I love to inspire others, and show them that they are not alone out there, and that there is always hope.

I love to write about many spiritual topics and be open with you all.
Enjoy reading.

Warm hugs to you all.

Caroline Palmy

We establish energy cord with everyone we come in contact with, as well as to our fears, worries and guilt. The Angels help us to cut our cord to all lower energies, so we can stay in our own energy, without feeling drained....

Explaining how Shielding with the Angels works. Exploring the use of different colours and what affects they have, as well as what Archangel is behind it. Feel more centered and more yourself by shielding yourself daily. Keep your energy level up without feeling drained....

What is Angelic Healing? How does healing with the angels work? What Angels are involved and what does a client feel? Join me in finding the answers to this and more in this blog post....

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