How To Breathe Through Technical Difficulties

How To Breathe Through Technical Difficulties

Palmy Healing Circle

I had a dream. I knew I wanted to follow my guidance and create a lovely Healing Circle. I knew I could do it, and I had a clear vision of how to support and send love to my group.

Then, when I started to implement everything needed for the group, it felt like I would never be able to do it.

I chose to create the group on a new platform that I was not used to, on top of already feeling like I was running thin with technical issues especially considering the date I had in mind for it all to go live.

There were times when I felt like saying, “That’s it! I’m done. I give up! This is too hard!”

But then again, I reconnected with my beautiful vision, and I knew I would make it work one way or another.

I love to share my love. I love to share my meditations and I love to support others, and I know this will all be great in my group.

However, I had no idea what mountains I needed to climb to make it all work out from the technical side.

I am still doing some of the climbing 😉


My Dream

I received the wonderful idea of creating a Palmy Healing Circle, for beautiful souls: a sacred place to share support and spread love. I knew I could reach many wonderful people, and support them during their growth and healing.

The vision was awesome, and I could see myself connecting with everyone, sharing my light, and opening up their inner lights.

I knew I could share so much,

  • being present
  • sharing a monthly theme
  • leading a monthly meditation
  • including phases of the moon
  • teaching others how to work with the seasons
  • connecting people with their inner truth
  • giving love and more love


All of this from being in a fabulous group.

I have taken part in some online groups, be it on social media topics or a Soul Sister group. They all worked wonders for me and I loved to connect with the people in there too. I love to find spaces where I can just be me and do as much or as little as I like while feeling comfortable and guided.

I knew I could create such a space for a wonderful Palmy Healing Circle, and share my love and support with everyone wishing to be included.

I also knew that I would love it to start after the next New Moon, which is also a Solar Eclipse and a portal for great new beginnings.


How to implement it

In my dream, it was all wonderful and easy and it was working perfectly fine.

Yes, I could create a Facebook Group, and be there and share from there.

Then I researched the issues regarding how to create the membership area, and how to make sure people can access month by month.

How do people sign up? Where do I store my meditations?

It’s not just sharing a link in a FB group.

So I had so many questions and new ideas, and I started to implement it all. It sounded easy….


Technical Difficulties

No, I am not a techie girl. I love my meditations and I love to share from my heart. I quickly get frustrated with things that don’t work out the way I want, though.

When I started to use my new system, that did all the automation billing and sharing my content, I thought it was great! I was in awe.

However, halfway into it, I got stuck. I could not upload the files I liked. I had no idea how to edit my space where I would be sharing my meditations and other goodies.

I was stuck. I was frustrated, and I felt like I needed to give up and hand in the towel.

I thought I never make it.

And I realised that being stuck in technical issues was really cutting me off from inspiration and from being in the flow.

It was definitely not a place I like to be.


Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt stuck? Do you remember how it felt?

I felt like I was sitting in a dark whole. I thought, “No, I do not want to do this! This is it. I am giving up. No Palmy Healing Circle for me.”

And of course, I was also thinking how stupid it was to choose a new system to use for my group. I might have gone the “easier” way I used for other products; however, I knew I had to build a good foundation for my healing circle. It just didn’t seem possible.

I was pulling my hair out a couple of times during the process because I did not know what to do. Luckily, I had people to reach out to, and they helped me through the issues. However, every time I felt like I had it, it turned out to be not working when I tried it again.

Oh yes, the fun of technology!


What to do when you feel stuck

So what can you do when you feel stuck?

  • sit and pull out your hair.
  • stomp your feet
  • hit your head on the table
  • go back to bed and have a nice, long nap
  • give up and walk away

I knew I needed to get back into the flow, and I also knew that I really, really wanted my Palmy Healing Circle to flourish.

I knew I had to get up in my energy again; I had to get back into the flow, being back in creative mode again.

I felt so bad when I was stuck. Everything was blocked – even my heart, and I had all this negative feelings and emotions.

I wanted the Palmy Healing Circle to be about LOVE and support. I wanted it to shine and spread inspiration feel light and be a beacon of light.

And sitting there with all my technical issues was not in line with what I wanted to create in the first place.

What to do now?


Palmy Healing Circle

My Palmy Healing Circle sharing Love and Support


Get back into the flow

So I sat there and I knew I had to step back. I wasn’t able to solve any issues at that moment, so I need to take a step back, to walk away from it for a moment. I needed to clear my head and my heart and come back at a later stage, when I was refreshed and back in the flow, and yes, hopefully, able to get it done.

How to get back into the flow

  • walk in nature
  • concentrate on your breathing
  • meditate on your outcome
  • be creative any way you like
  • get a rest
  • do something different

So I started to focus on the content I wanted to share. I downloaded fabulous photos of moon phases and seasons and I brainstormed areas I wanted to explore with my group… and voilà all of a sudden, it all looked PINK again. I escaped the grey and black thoughts and visions I’d had only moments before while trying to create the space.

I was back in the flow, back in my heart, and back in the joy of it all. I reconnected to my vision.

If you are ever stuck, step away and get back into YOUR flow in whatever way you’d like. When you return later – being in the flow – it will work much easier.

I was finally able to do things with LOVE again.

There’s no need to throw in the towel when you are stuck. Take your energetic brick wall it as a sign to recharge and do something else for a while.


Expressing yourself

I was talking about expressing yourself and how to get into your creative flow during my last webinar. If you’d like to learn more, you can find the webinar in my Healing Shop. It’s called, Express Yourself with Archangel Gabriel.


I learnt that I can be quite stubborn, but also that I have a good portion of perseverance in me.

And I am happy to announce that my Palmy Healing Circle is online. I am so happy and thrilled and ready to share my love and support with you.

For more information and to sign up visit:

Palmy Healing Circle


Enjoy a wonderful time!

Warmest of hugs,


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