Hi, my name is Caroline – Teacher of Hearts
aka Queen of Hearts and Queen of Self Love

I love to help and support you, I am a powerful Intuitive Energy Healer, helping women over 40 to release their blocks so they can lead a life full of purpose.

I can help you through my words, my voice and my energy.


With my gifts I can help you to:

– feel worthy and loved
– clear struggles you have with other people
– assist you in finding a purposeful life,
– release tension exhaustion and overwhelm
– unburden yourself fully, shine bright, be confident in your next steps and feel joy, happy and truly worthy.

I’ve gone through my own journey from low self worth to full self love. I am excited to help you do the same: 

Through my books where I share about my own journey of reconnecting to myself and loving myself just the way I am
With group healing, support and mentoring in my 6 months  Circle of Love Membership
(Doors open in October and April only)

By working with me 1 :1 through my 12 week VIP Self Love Journey so you can feel worthy and finally good enough to be the person you were always meant to be.

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I invite you to check out my Media page, where you find many useful free resources. I love to share on podcasts and on videos.

You can find deeply healing Meditations and Webinars in my Healing Shop

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I know by sharing my stories I can inspire you and let you know, you are not alone out there, and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


I love to engage with you,
with my voice. During one of my events, workshops or meditations live, online or from my healing shop.


I love to hold you in a safe space, in a very loving place so you can release and let go of what no longer serves you, so true healing can take place.



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Why is it so important to Open Our Hearts

Why is it so important to Open Our Hearts

Why is it so important to Open our Hearts There are wonderful benefits of living with an open heart, an opportunity to heal your heart now, release the pain and hurt that keeps you back and small and afraid, and be ready to enter the new era with an open heart. Learn...

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Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Inner Peace It is so important to come back to our inner peace, especially now during those hectic and stressful times. We are often too busy and too out there, when all we ever need to do is come within and be in the here and now.   What does inner peace mean...

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I regularly have special offers, for my services, items from my healing shop, or promotions for my books.

Caroline the Author

Writing is a passion of mine, when I write I am totally in the flow.

My aim is to share from my heart to yours, I know by sharing my stories I can inspire you and let you know, you are not alone out there, and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I was amazed and deeply humbled, when my first book won an award.

My first book Conversations With Me

Was published July 20018, in it I share my stories on how I learned to reconnect to myself after my marriage ended and I woke up in my living room one day, not knowing who I was any more. I realized I would bend over backwards to makethatmarriage work, I tried to please everyone around me to the extent of loosing myself.

I share 30 stories, with the insights on how those life experiences have helped me come back to myself. At the end of each chapter I share a Wisdom From Within part, a little healing exercise, you can use.

My second book Loving Conversations With Me

Was published in May 2019, and was on the international Bestseller list, before it was even released, I was so in awe, as it is my passion to share the love with you.

In this book I share the stories of me feeling deeply alone and absolutely unlovable after a relationship ended. I learned that I only ever felt loved, when I was in a relationship. So a deeply healing journey back to love started, one you can join me on. I share how I learned to accept myself (all of me) love myself and feel a deep compassion for all I did or went through and finally my self worth was reaching healthy levels.

I again share 31 stories and insights with a Wisdom From The Heart part at the end of each chapter.

I have recorded those exercises as audio files, so you can relax and listen and go through the exercise and experience at an even deeper healing. You can purchase those audios in my Healing Shop 

My Third Book – Coming soon!

Of course I will complete my trilogy – I am currently writing my third book
Spiritual Conversations With Me

This book will be published Spring/Summer 2020. I will be sharing my stories on how I learned and embraced spirituality; we are all spiritual beings.

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Caroline the Speaker

I love to engage with my audience.

Feeling, how I touch hearts with my words and voice is just amazing.

I am in awe with everyone in my audience, be it on podcast or video interviews, on a stage, during a workshop or holding a deeply healing meditation.

Touching one heart at a time and reaching you with my message from my heart to yours is deeply gratifying. As a teacher of the hearts it is important for me to come from a pure and open heart, so you can sense the love pouring through me.

Fun fact, in high school I had a horrible experience speaking in front of the class, I giggled nervously, and the teacher was not happy and my class mates only made demeaning comments, so I told myself, I am not good at public speaking, I will never ever speak in public again.

Here I am now many years later, enjoying engaging an audience, because I have found my passion, because I have found my purpose, and I am ready to share it with the world.


Teacher of the Hearts

As Teacher of the Hearts I speak on topics like:

– How can we connect to our heart, when everybody around us is so mind oriented
– How can we stay true to ourselves, stay in our own energy
– How can we re-connect to the love within, when we feel so alone and unloved
– Healing and clearing our relationships (romantic, family, business, etc)
– How does it feel to be an Introvert, Earth Angel, Sensitive Soul, Giving Heart, Light Worker. –
– How can we make this world a more loving place. 

You can find many of my podcast and video interviews on my media page.

I always love to share the love, please contact me at  [email protected] if you are interested in hosting my heart in your show.


Caroline the Healer

I love to hold you in a safe space, in a very loving place so you can release and let go of what no longer serves you. There is no work or pain involved.

While I hold you in love, you only need to breathe, sometimes I ask you to breathe deep into your belly that is all. We gently let go of what no longer serves you while we stay in our heart space.

Healing is easy, and I guide you gently through it.

We will open your heart, release pain and hurt, so you too can get back into the flow of love, the all-healing flow of love.

As a girl I always wanted to become a doctor, though Latin and learning by heart was not my strengths. Only recently, after I was already fully emerged on the healing path, I realized, that I have fulfilled my childhood’s dream. I am helping and healing people.

I am all about the heart, having a healthy, happy and open heart space, leads us to a most ulfilling, healthy and joyful life.


What I specialize in …

I specialize in

– Healing pain and hurt and grief, so you can come back to joy and love again.
– Clearing relationships (romantic, family, business and more), so you can truly meet them on a fresh and cleared level.

Do you feel like you’ve been taken for granted, used, and that you have a hard time saying No?
I help you to a more nurturing way towards yourself, releasing the need to please and learn to be more assertive and true to yourself.

Do you feel like you are too sensitive, like you are picking up on everything and everyone?
I help you to stay in your truth, release and clear your energy, and embrace your gorgeous sensitivity.

Do you feel like you carry the burden of the world on your shoulders?
I help you to let go, and feel carried and nurtured by Mother Earth.

Do you feel like you are a misfit here on earth, like you have been dropped without being given instructions, like you do not fit in, and don’t belong?
I am happy to guiding you home to your heart, to your intuition and guidance. You are needed here on earth, right now, now is your time to shine.

I love to work with Sensitive Souls, Giving Hearts, Light Workers, Empaths, Introverts and Earth Angels.


Heart Flow Healing

I have learned with all my clients, that it needs around 5 sessions to release layer after layer and come to a truly good place. That’s why I offer my In-Depth Healing Experience, a 6 month 1:1 program for Beautiful Change.

If you just want to experience an energy cleanse, like a quick car wash, I offer you a one-off 30 min one-off Energy Cleansing Session for $77.

I am truly happy to hold you in a loving grounded and deeply connected space, so you can come back to yourself, breathe and simply be.

Looking very much forward to assisting you on your healing journey.


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